About Us

What is Lawazim?

Since the first launch in 2014, Lawazim has become a leading brand for home improvement goods helping its customers achieve their dream homes with its wide variety of products.

Our Beginning

Since our first days, we have grown from a startup business with a small team, operating from a small warehouse to a company that has recruited the best expertise out there, ensuring great customer service and outstanding manufacturing quality.

Our Vision

We, at Lawazim, aspire to create a wholesome, welcoming and clean environment where basic daily tasks are made easier and hassle-free, all the while ensuring the automation of otherwise tedious daily activities.

Our Mission

We take our service seriously at Lawazim, and we value our customers above everything. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers in a timely manner and outstanding customer experience. We aim to cater to every enthusiasm with the best quality products out there. In order to meet our goals, we have attracted expertise from multiple business backgrounds and created a fine blend of knowledge, attitude and drive to guarantee customer satisfaction. Help us maintain and optimize our service by sending your thoughts onsupport@lawazimhome.com.

Our Values

We at Lawazim have a set of values that we can’t compromise on, it includes: • Responsibility – your parcels are 100% insured from the moment they leave our warehouse to the moment you receive them. • Sincerity – our Customer Support agents will always be there to provide their services, whether it is assistance in order creation, order tracking or simple tricks and hacks. • Efficiency – our team is trained to ensure the journey between order placement and fulfillment is quick, seamless and hassle-free. • Availability – Our procurement and warehouse teams work tirelessly to guarantee our products are always available to meet the demand of our clientele. • Accessibility – Our E-commerce Optimization team’s main focus is creating a usable and accessible space where customers can easily browse, shop and inquire about our products.

Our Responsibility Towards Planet Earth

Planet Earth is the one and only home for us and our children, and what could be more important than protecting this home from harm that can result from basic daily activities? We do so by offering products with detachable, washable and reusable parts that significantly reduce the need for disposable materials. Our products offer additional ecofriendly advantages as they are energy efficient and don’t emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Our Team

The founders and leaders of Lawazim carefully select team members to better represent their establishment and their brand. The team includes warehouse staff, procurement staff, e-commerce and marketing staff, branding and copywriting gurus, content creators, finance staff, IT and web development specialists and technicians as well as couriers and customer service heroes. If you wish to pursue a career with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Company Name:
Al-Jadeeda Company for International Trade Supplies
CR: 7001655021