Cordless Electric Grass Trimmer Black/Orange - Original String Trimmer

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Lawazim Original Electric Cordless Grass Trimmer available in Black and Orange colors with a 20V lithium battery makes trimming grass an easy process 

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 The Cordless Grass Trimmer from Lawazim is equipped with a 20V lithium battery that allows you to trim grass and trees in a simple and enjoyable way


What makes our Original Cordless Grass Trimmer unique?

  • It is a wireless electric grass trimmer, that eliminates the clutter caused by cables and cords.

  • The overall weight of the weeder is light, easy to move, and store

  • The cutting line speed reaches 8500rpm, the power is strong.

  • The handle conforms to human engineering design, is anti-slip, and is easy to grip

  • Comfortable for each user and especially for those with weak hands. These lightweight pruners will do most of the job for the user and are suitable for all kinds of gardens, parks, farms, orchards, greenhouses, etc.
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Size 1.5-meters
Power Source Electric
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