3-In-1 Washer Vacuum And Blower Multicolour

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Compact and Portable Pressure Washer: High quality portable long-life lithium battery, no need to pull long wires, no need to find sockets everywhere, meet your needs
As long as there is water, you can clean: Strong self-drawing, with 6 meters of water pipe, clean anytime and anywhere, the water pipe can be connected to buckets,

rivers, faucets and other water sources. The outlet pressure is 2.5m, which is more suitable for high cleaning.
A variety of spray modes: decontamination, foaming, wet, multi-purpose machine, equipped with a foam bowl,

more thorough washing, and a broom and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning cars, boats,

mobile homes, driveways, decks, bicycles, parks, squares, sidewalks, etc.
Easy to install and use: Quickly assemble the interface, without complicated steps, you can install and use quickly in 2 minutes.

The high pressure water gun weighs 1.2 / kg, which is lighter than traditional machines and meets the needs of outdoor cleaning.

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Size 1.5-meters
Material Plastic
Power Source Battery
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