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220-240V Professional Dual Temperature Glue Gun with LED light, on/off Switch, and 60 -100Watts Power adjustable hot melt Glue machine, Easy and flexible to operate many tasks and lightweight to carry anywhere, made of high-quality materials.
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Professional Dual Temperature Glue Gun with LED light, on/off Switch, 60 - 100Watt, distinctive gray color, it is the best item for many users, heating fast and accurate constant temperature, extremely lightweight for maximum use.

Why is Professional Dual Temperature Glue Gun Special? 

  • The hot glue gun maintains a constant temperature automatically making it an ideal adhesive for almost any material such as Fabric, Metal, Wood, Glass, Card, stone, shell, brick, paper, wicker, lace, cotton, Plastic & Ceramics, and so on.
    With a Built-in fuse, it will not appear to overheat.
  • On/ off switch with LED light mode makes it more convenient to use
  • simply pull the trigger gently, and the melted glue will ooze out smoothly.
  • The nozzle is wrapped in rubber which will be safer.
    The glues have super strong adhesiveness and easy cleaning properties.
  • With detachable and flexible support to keep the gun stable and upright, and allow you to use this gun at any angle.
    Wattage: 60-100 Watts
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More Information
Size 1.5-meters
Watts 60-100 watt
Material Plastic
Voltage 220-240V
Power Source Electric
Unbox Product Enable No
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